In Loving Memory of Jacquelyn Anderson


Jacquelyn Anderson was an artist. One who hid in plain sight every day. She secretly captured the world through her photography. She danced with life, and drew and painted. She followed her love around the globe and filled the world with her light. Her generosity helped others to find their joy and passion.

The Jacquelyn Portfolio invites you to find yours.

About Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn Anderson was a designer, photographer, dancer and philanthropist who believed in creativity, community, and the power of art in our lives. She was an extremely shy and private person, but once you got to know her, she was the epitome of understated sophistication – you felt like you could be around her without living up to certain expectations.

As a master of her craft, it was important to her to try new things, especially with her art, and she would always push those around her to do the same. This is how the Jacquelyn Project was born.